Responsible for the care of trees, shrubs and turf for Hoffman customers, Arik brings extensive field experience to the company. He monitors, diagnoses and treats insects and disease as well as physiological and cultural conditions in order to improve plant health.

Arik interacts with clients, managers and crews to obtain the most comprehensive information about a situation before he selects the most appropriate treatment. He is very hands on and schedules all work to be done and trains each application team before heading onto the customer’s property.

Arik graduated from the University of Rhode Island. He has a B.S. in Resource Development with a Concentration in Turfgrass Management. He holds a Supervisory Pesticide Applicator license as well as a HIS license for home improvement for both Connecticut and New York.

A resident of Fairfield, he enjoys spending time with his 3 children. Arik helps coach youth sports and relaxes by fishing and playing golf

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