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We have been a client of Hoffman Landscapes for many years and think they deliver exceptional service. In particular, our Property Manager, Joe Bamberger, is irreplaceable! He is detail-oriented, smart, conscientious, responsible and, most of all, a pleasure to work with!!!!!

Angela Riley, Darien, CT

We began our relationship with Hoffman Landscapes over 10 years ago. During this time they have executed numerous landscape projects for us. As well we have charged them with the responsibility of upkeep and maintenance of our property. The crew at Hoffman is extremely conscientious and professional in the execution of their work at our home. Over the past few years, Corey, has had the responsibility of managing our maintenance needs. He has done an excellent job coordinating the work needed, and the look of our place has never been better!!

Ted Marlow, New Canaan, CT

Hoffman Landscapes has been doing my landscape maintenance for the past 2 years. Hoffman definitely cares about making their customers happy. Mike W. and Joe B. are very knowledgable and responsive. Joe B. makes regular site visits to check everything. If there is a problem, he is on it immediately. He is great with email. Donna has done wonders with my roses since she inherited the thorny nightmare from my previous landscaper.

Serena Liew, Greenwich, CT

I have worked for many years with Hoffman. I am happy with their professionalism. Thank you Joe Bamberger for your attention to my property land.

Banu Baysal, Greenwich, CT

We have been using Hoffman for over four years and only have positive things to say. Pat Lalor expertly manages our lawn maintenance, which is maintained with care and professionalism each and every time. We also use Hoffman for snowplowing services and they are extremely thorough and dependable. Year round, we are very happy to have Hoffman in our lives!

Andy Warren, Ridgefield, CT

The Hoffman Landscapes team has done a fabulous job caring for two properties we have owned here in Redding. Rick King has been a tremendous resource in guiding us through several projects we have done over the past 21 months in our new home. The most recent project Hoffman has completed for us began with the removal of about a dozen trees, followed by a lawn extension and repair. One of our most mature and beautiful flower beds had to be partially dismantled temporarily to allow the tree removal equipment access to those that were being taken down. I was very anxious about how the process would be managed as we are fastidious about the care of the lawn and the beds. The crew took great care to make sure there was minimal damage to the plantings and the current lawn, and the newly created lawn area looks wonderful. We also have an amazing waterfall/pond that the former owners of our new property installed about 12 years ago. The Hoffman team has helped us with the maintenance of the pond as well as the water pump. Rick has also given us guidance about the amphibians in the pond as well as advice about whether to populate the pond with fish! We've entrusted Hoffman Landscapes with EVERY aspect of our property management, from lawn care and tick treatments, to our sprinkler system care and plant choices. We recommend Hoffman without reservation, as truly satisfied customers.

Laura & Mark Hoeing, Redding, CT

Great service, quality results, and very quick feedback on any questions, comments, or requests.

Dennis Darling, Stamford, CT

We are very pleased with the workmanship and professionalism of Hoffman Landscapes. Both the driveway and walkway came out great! I have had the chance to work with Brian Cossari on projects from driveway, front porch design and overall guidance on my home and front yard. His advice and work has always been higher than any expectations we have had. We appreciate him and his team.

Eduard Coku, Ridgefield, CT

Very thorough and communicative, in contrast to any other landscaper I’ve had before. Sends detailed descriptions of the work they are going to, and always does it as scheduled. Very happy with my decision.

Gregory Sommer, Chappaqua, NY

We have been with Hoffman for many years. That should say it all - they are top notch in both design and maintenance. Our property manager (Justin) is great - regularly inspects the grounds and takes the initiative to get any emerging issues addressed. They are not the lowest price service - but in our experience, you get what you pay for. They are worth it.

Patrick Kerin, Wilton, CT

We signed up with Hoffman 3 years ago, great but pricey. During that period, we left for another highly recommended landscaper for a “better” price. Well, needless to say, I guess you get what you pay for. After only 2 months with this new landscaper, my property was in disarray. The lawn was awful, routine services were never done. With my tail between my legs, I called Mike at Hoffman and asked them to come back. The 2 property managers Mike who is LANDSCAPE SALES, HORTICULTURIST and Joe, who is PROPERTY MANAGER( imagine 2 executives overseeing my property on a daily basis ) came to meet me with a smile and warm handshake, and I hired them back on the spot. What a difference Hoffman made, and continues to make every day. The property looks so much better, however due to the lapse of service from the prior landscaper, we have been playing catch up with maintenance ever since. With Mike leading the team, and Joe running the maintenance , Chris handling the irrigation, my property is coming back. Everyone who visits ( family ,friends, and service contractors) first thing they all say is “ you got your old landscaper back “ They are pricey, but you get what you pay for. I give them a five star rating……. Good job, Mike Walker, Joe Bamberger, and Chris Kaczmarek !! Keep up the great work 🙂

Aideen Mounty, Greenwich, CT

We've been working with Hoffman Landscapes for about a year and are thrilled with the results. Our weekly landscaping visits are completed by a hardworking, professional crew (Margaret, who handles the majority of perennial care and pruning, deserves special mention for her attention to detail). In the winter, snow plowing on our driveway was always completed in a timely, thorough manner. We've also worked extensively with Michael Walker on their special projects team and appreciate his conscientiousness and creative suggestions for our property. The billing department is very well organized - all bills are straightforward, itemized, and delivered promptly. We could not be more pleased with this company; we highly recommend Hoffman Landscapes.

Mel Morris, New Canaan, CT

Hoffman Landscapes created a beautiful patio for us about 5 years ago and it's still beautiful today. The workmanship and professionalism of the staff and management was outstanding. I recommend them to anyone who asks, but their work speaks for itself when people see it.

Will Homes, Darien, CT

Hoffman Landscapes is the premier landscaper in CT. Their service and attention to detail is unprecedented. We have been clients for many years and have always been pleased with their work. They have worked on many projects for us including a large patio and all have exceeded our expectations.

Julie Love, Weston, CT

Hoffman is an outstanding landscape company. I use them for weekly maintenance and my property never looked better. Ryan, our property manager, is on top of all the details and consistently checks in to make sure we are happy and satisfied. Shrubs and beds are well maintained and weeds are pretty much a thing of the past. I also have also used Hoffman for a large design and build landscape project and I could not happier with the results. Several neighbors have commented on how beautiful the property looks.

James Hill, New Canaan, CT

Started this year with Hoffman, they have done everything they promised. Lawn looks great, Justin is very responsive, and they have delivered whether on planting a Japanese Maple last fall that is growing well, to trimming bushes and noticing what needs attention.

Chan Wheeler, Westport, CT

We used Hoffman for a major design and build project at our weekend home in CT which involved very challenging conditions as our home is built on a heavily-wooded ledge. We had a very positive experience with Hoffman. The first phase involved a comprehensive property design which was relatively affordable. We were blown away by the creativity and "can do" attitude. Our designer Brian Cossari really understood our objectives and our aesthetic and translated it into a plan. He listened and included the features that we requested but also added some very slick elements that we would never have dreamed up on our own. We weren't able to afford all aspects of the master plan and Brian was patient in doing a second and third cuts of the scope and budget. In terms of execution, they started the project one week before the promised date and kept us informed of the status reasonably well. They made several scope changes on the fly, when we requested. This process required a properly-documented change order and there were no surprises when we received invoices. They finished a week late for understandable reasons (we added to scope and they hit an unexpected amount of rock when digging the pool). Overall, we had to be pleased with the time table on which they completed the work. They handled permitting, inspections and town relations for us on a hassle-free basis. Much better than we've seen in the past with other firms. The quality of the people working day to day and materials used was very high. Some of their hardscapers are artisans in their own right. Overall, we were very satisfied with the work done and would recommend Hoffman without misgiving.

Paul Dietz, Sherman, CT

Hoffman Landscaping is a terrific company. Using a design/build company is the way to go-- they handle everything from town approvals through construction to the finishing touches. Our Hoffman Landscape Architect, Brian Cossari, is brilliant. Talented, easy to work with, and always available to answer questions. A year later, we still look around our property and say how happy we are with Hoffman's design and implementation. I highly recommend them!

Laura Hennes, Rye, NY

We purchased our house with the plan to install a pool that would be a draw for family and friends. Hoffman Landscapes and our designer Matt Biron created an outdoor space for us that is much more than we imagined was possible. The design enhances the natural landscape of the property and complements the architecture of the house. From design through construction and landscaping, the team at Hoffman was professional, responsive, courteous, and knowledgeable. Everyone who visits is impressed by the quality of the workmanship and the finished product. Matt continues to be a resource for us and works with our property manager on landscaping ideas. I highly recommend the team at Hoffman Landscapes and look forward to working with them for years to come.

Melanie Miller, Redding, CT

My family interviewed 5 different landscaping companies before finding Hoffman Landscapes, Inc. We're so glad we waited because we ended up with the very best. I was tired of the same old opinions and plant choices which often were practical, but lacking in aesthetics and the overall "vision" of how we wanted our yard transformed. If we were going to invest the $, we wanted it done right. I wish we'd gone to Robert (Bob) Doerflinger at Hoffman Landscapes, Inc from the get-go. With his help and in coordination with the fantastic crew at Hoffman Landscapes, we revamped our entire front, back and side yards. He completely understood our vision, budget, and needs. Its refreshing to meet someone in this field who is polished, smart, polite, super accommodating, and incredibly responsive by phone or email. Bob has a degree from an Ivy League school in landscape architecture and horticulture - could it get any better? He had knowledge of every step of the process. He drew up master plans for our project, selected different options for each part of the yard (depending on size, sunlight, and the need - e.g. aesthetics vs practical like a privacy hedge), and priced them out accordingly. He always guided us to the right decision, giving his expert advice regarding what we wanted and what actually would grow in that location, what had a higher chance of resisting deer, and how to lay out the shrubs and trees in a manner that made sense not just now, but in the years to come when they reach their maturity. Bob gave great advice on how to maintain the plants, when/how to fertilize them, what do do when the frost hits later this year. Hoffman Landscapes has Bob as a jewel in their crown, but they also have a crew that was a pleasure to work with. Insanely hard working, polite, always smiling and finished within 5 days from start to finish, and all along the way helping me understand how it would all come together, the watering needs, they even gave an opinion that resulted in a last minute change in a shrub selection - they saw we had little kids and they suggested a "softer" plant for a particular section of the yard where they'd observed the kids running. One was even so kind as to remove the poison ivy he saw out of concern for my family. Now, that's service all around from start to finish! We are EXTREMELY pleased with the end result and thankful to Bob and his crew for making this a very pleasant experience from the planning/dreaming stages to the end result. I would recommend them to ANYONE in need of jazzing up their landscaping. Neighbors now pass by and give the thumbs up at how beautiful everything looks. And we have privacy to our neighbors and the flow of our property is vastly improved. We are more than thrilled!

Eric T., Irington, NY

We needed to resurface our driveway and include drainage because we continued to have flooding issues. I had reached out to Matt Biron from Hoffman when we first moved into the property a few years back and they gave us a quote. Fast forward 4 years and more flooding, we had them come back out and requote. While it was not the cheapest quote out of the 4 other companies, they made the case for the right drainage based on videos I showed them and did an excellent job. The resurfacing and finishing around the edges and new drainage system have paid off. It always hurt to have to pay for something like a driveway replacement but the spend was well worth what we received. I will look to them for more projects as they come up in the years to come. Thanks!

Andrew Wild, Darien, CT

Hoffman Landscapes was highly recommended to us by other satisfied customers.   They did an excellent job, from analysis of our damage, provided by Richard King, their arborist, to performing the work necessary to saving our trees.  We will definitely use them in the future.

Mary Kubick, Redding, CT

Hoffman Landscapes has just completed an artful and thoughtful cutting back of several overgrown areas on my property in CT. Richard and his team could not have been more thoughtful. Even the weekly "mowing" crew takes the time to blow grass out of the beds and off of the walks. A real pleasure to deal with and at a reasonable price, too!

Tom Kelly, Roxbury, CT

Patrick Lalor and his team are excellent! Patrick goes out of his way to make sure the property is ready for every event and is one text away for any questions or concerns. Reliable, prompt, and efficient .

Betsy Fitzpatrick, Ridgefield, CT

Hoffman Landscapes is a top notch landscaping firm. Bob Doerflinger and his team created a front yard landscape for us that is the envy of Old Greenwich. From the creation of a gorgeous stone wall to the landscaping and irrigation, everyone involved was knowledgeable professional and extremely easy to work with. We would recommend them to anyone and we look forward to maintaining a relationship with them going forward. Can't wait to see what great plan Bob comes up with for our backyard!

Maureen Bonnano, Old Greenwich, CT

Brian is a thoughtful listener and wonderful designer. Together, your dreams come together and make it feel like it was intended that way from the beginning. Cheers!

Steve Prymas, New Canaan, CT

We have been working with Hoffman Landscapes for over three years now. Joe Bamberger continues to impress us with his timeliness, dedication, and forward thinking. He is always on our property making certain that everything his healthy and developing beautifully. Every time we contact Joe for help and suggestions, he meets with us and helps us plan next steps for how we can maintain our gardens, lawn, and outside spaces. We are so thankful for his hard work and look forward to working with Joe and his Hoffman team for many more years.

Barbara Latimer, Darien, CT

Patrick and the team at Hoffman Landscapes have been excellent in all facets of maintaining our property - responsive, knowledgeable, and quality of work. We used Hoffman for 5 years before recently moving from the area and I would highly recommend them to any homeowner.

Tony Rummans, Ridgefield, CT

I tried two other landscaping companies before Hoffman and haven't looked back since - I've been a customer now for 10 years. Their work and service have always been outstanding; and on the rare occasions when there was an issue, they were quick to remedy things without any hassle. I would definitely highly recommend them (esp Patrick, Rick and Brian).

Mintak Joo, Ridgefield, CT

Ferncliff Cemetery has been working with Hoffman Landscapes for two years now, we can not be any happier with there commitment to us, our lawns looks better than ever before, this is a company I would highly recommend, Scott, Mike & Arik have gone far above our expectations.

Mike Feinstein (Ferncliff Cemetery), Hartsdale, NY

We have worked with Bob at Hoffman Landscaping to update the landscaping around our home. Overall it has been a lovely experience -- he is patient, professional, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend working with him / Hoffman!

Crystal Ellis, Wilton, CT

Bob Doerflinger designed a beautiful and welcoming walkway to our home, integrating a perfect balance of color and greenery. Plantings in other areas were expertly chosen as well. We enjoy the landscaping design from every view point.

Virginia Keeshan, Greenwich, CT

Hired them for a large scale project and smaller scale landscaping project - all the guys were professional and efficient. They have a terrific “eye” and design skills. We were very pleased with the completed work and care to detail, specifically their focus on cleaning up the site after the project was complete and making sure everything was complete and to our satisfaction.

Adelaide Mueller, Greenwich, CT

We've worked with Hoffman Landscapes for over 2 years now and have been thrilled with our experience. Ryan Egan is an extremely attentive and professional property manager and is on top of everything going on in the yard. Brian Cossari created a beautiful and totally functional landscape design that we love every day that we spend time outside and look out our windows. His team was professional, friendly and tireless...the best!

Mark Heron, New Canaan, CT

I wish I'd gone to Bob D. at Hoffman Landscapes from the get-go! With his help and in coordination with the fantastic crew at HL, we revamped our front, back and side yards. Bob completely understood our vision, budget, and needs (deer in our area!). Its refreshing to meet someone in this field who is polished, smart, polite, super accommodating, and incredibly responsive. See my Yelp review for more details for this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED company for your landscaping needs.

Alexandra Martins, Irvington, NY

We recently worked with landscape architect Brian Cossari on a terrace and landscaping project - the results exceeded our expectations. The result was professional and done in a timely manner - I've never seen a harder-working crew! We added on another project and that was addressed in the same high-quality manner. Will definitely work with these guys again!

Karen Stevens, Washington Depot

We have just completed our second experience with Bob Doerflinger and the crew at Hoffman and I can’t say enough good things. We came to Hoffman after terrible experiences with other well-known landscape companies in the area and we weren’t sure what to expect. Well, Bob has been top-notch. From understanding our unique property, budget requirements and goals, he came up with a solution that others couldn’t accomplish. In addition, he didn’t over-plant our new privacy tree line saving us money and allowing for a more natural look as the trees fill in. He was patient answering all my questions and concerns whether it was focused around how the plantings would hold up against deer and wildlife, watering needs or pros/cons of the different options. Even after the trees were planted, he made sure we were happy and the trees were acclimating well. We added to our original project with beds of plantings in other areas of our yard after such a positive first experience. These were just as challenging but Bob has always approached our projects with enthusiasm. The grounds crew should also be mentioned…Ivandir and his crew worked efficiently and carefully when installing our trees, plants, ornamental grasses and mulch. We’ve had other crews in the past from other companies that worked too hastily causing damage to our lawn with their equipment. That was never the case with Hoffman. Everyone who came to our property was respectful to our neighbors and us. Ivandir is very knowledgeable and gave us great pointers for watering and maintenance. It is safe to say, we look forward to other projects!

July 13, 2017

Bethany A, Norwalk

Great service and knowledgeable staff. Our property manager Ryan Eagan is great to work with and has really brought our yard back to life.

July 10, 2017

Darren Doyle, New Canaan

"Ryan Egan at Hoffman Landscapes is an exceptional example of professionalism, integrity, and dependability. He understands the nuances of yard management and is also uniquely adept at addressing other important elements of our property, such as walkways, lighting and patios. In short, Ryan represents the best of what a landscape company can offer, and we could not be more pleased with his efforts and performance."


December 6, 2016

Kim B, New Canaan

"Pat Lalor and his crew have done a wonderful job maintaining our large property for many years. We've used them for everything from mowing & pruning, irrigation, plowing and even pre-event touch-up's and yard pest spraying. Recently we renovated our driveway which made travel in with the mowers impossible for two weeks. No problem! Pat arranged to have mowers left on the property before the construction began so no interruption in maintenance occurred. That is the kind of service Hoffman provides. Their ability (and willingness) to meet the individual client's needs on a daily basis is very much appreciated by this property manager."

September 24, 2015

Katrina O, New Canaan

"For the past 14 years, I’ve worked with Hoffman Landscapes in a variety of capacities. Hoffman Landscapes is not your ordinary, run of the mill landscape company. They are professional, caring people who go out of their way for you. The staff is always friendly and welcoming. It is evident that they take great pride in their work. Although they are extremely busy, they always take time to reach out to others to help wherever they can. My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and so we are involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). I reached out to Mike and Tom and they were just wonderful. They did not hesitate when I asked them for help with our auction. Hoffman is part of the fabric of the community. They are willing to step up to the plate to make a difference in many, many ways."

September 9, 2015

Tammy Lee D , John M. Glover Agency, Danbury

"We have been working with Hoffman Landscapes for years and have been very happy with the company. The crew is professional and courteous. Our property looks terrific from spring right up into the fall. We highly recommend them."

September 2, 2015

Lori R, Weston

"Hoffman Landscapes, Inc. has been servicing my property since the Spring of 2015; I had called 7 other companies and either I got no response or they were completely booked without availability for weeks. From there, I turned to Hoffman Landscapes. Scott Fawcett returned my call that day, and had an estimate prepared within 24 hours. The team, led by Joe Bamberger, is meticulous, timely and thorough. While I do not boast the magnificent grounds many of Hoffman's customers do have, I am treated with the utmost kindness and respect; the team's actions show me that they understand how special my home is to me. I wouldn't consider anyone else and should we move, I will be taking the team with me."

August 25, 2015

Laura R, Westport

"We have been customers of Hoffman Landscapes for 16 years. They have given us amazing service for 16 years. Scott Fawcett has been my contact from the beginning and has been kind, caring and quick to respond to our needs the entire time. We have a large property with some true challenges and he’s been great in helping to solve them. Joe Bamberger is the manager for our town and I’ve actually never seen anyone - ever - respond as quickly as he does to my requests. One day he was in our driveway within 10 minutes after I emailed him with a request. Now, that’s service! Brian Cossari is now trying to help us determine and repair issues around our foundation and an entry driveway drain. Different issues - same responses: all kind, quick and thorough. You might find a less expensive lawn service but you will never find a better one."

August 9, 2015

Carol T, Greenwich

" Hoffman Landscapes has been the perfect one stop shop. They maintain our yard, they beautifully trim our shrubs, they help with my perennial garden, they deal with our sprinkler system, and they maintain our pool. Margaret has been a master in my garden and continually supports the crazy decisions that I have to plant perennials. I have found Joe Bamberger to be incredibly reliable, thoughtful, professional, and insightful. He swings by our property on a regular basis to make certain that his crews are taking the best care of my property. He is always available and he takes excellent care of us. "

August 8, 2015

Barbara L., Darien

" I am very pleased with the entire process of working with Hoffman Landscapes. From the moment I met Rick when he came out to see my property I could tell that he was a man of vision and he would be able to turn my property into the lovely space I wanted. He listened to my ideas and gave several great suggestions of his own. He didn't want to draw a map of the plantings ahead of time because he liked to position them as he planted and saw how they worked together. This was one of the reasons I went with him. I felt he would really make the space work beautifully. The quality of plants, and after planting support has been very good. I recommend Hoffman Landscapes. "

July 9, 2015

Jerusha V, Wilton

" As a copywriter, it's my job to decipher information from clients and customers for various marketing materials. Then put it into a form consumers can understand. The depth of knowledge of the landscape architects at Hoffman really surprised me – especially in areas where most people are not well versed like local town zoning and wetlands regulations. This is practical knowledge that can only come from years of experience. Both Matt Biron and Brian Cossari are quick studies. It was obvious to me they love what they do. What a windfall for a client. "

June 9, 2015

Al P, Writer and Editor, Pirozzoli & Williams Southbury

" At Infinigence, we serve both Fortune 500 companies and small business. We fill IT needs from common computer problems to complicated communication networks. We started working with Hoffman Landscapes 9 years ago and have helped them keep one step ahead of communication technology. When we came on board, it was Mike Hoffman who gave us the directive to find ways to keep the company's computer network up and running through any type of weather or natural disaster. We recognize the importance for them to "be there" for their customers 24/7 – especially during the winter. It's how they operate. Working together we make it happen. Hoffman Landscapes is one of the best companies we have ever worked with. "

May 10, 2015

Filicia R, Fairfield

" When we needed a retaining wall in our front yard, I called Hoffman Landscapes. They took great care not to tear up a perennial garden that was adjacent to the wall. In fact, they were very neat. Now that the wall is complete, it looks like it was always there. I would gladly recommend them. "

April 3, 2015

Nina J, New Canaan

" Perfect, immaculate, quality of service is the best and nice job overall by a very professional team. "

January 14, 2015

Scott C, Weston
Celebrating over 30 years of Excellence!