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Irrigation Services

The Right Irrigation System will assure
Your Lawn is Happy and Healthy, Lush and Green!

Hoffman Landscapes has helped homeowners create and maintain fabulous lawns by installing lawn irrigation systems that precisely match the unique conditions of each property. Climate, soil, terrain, types of shrubs, trees and plants must all be considered when selecting the proper irrigation system for your property.

The Right System Can Make All the Difference
Proper watering care involves much more than a hose or portable rotating sprinkler. Does your lawn have brown spots? Is it losing its lush “golf course” look? Often the focus is on fertilizers, treatments, seeding and pesticides when in fact, watering could be one of the primary causes of poor lawn conditions. The obvious benefit of watering your lawn properly, assures its lasting beauty and vitality.

Save Time and Effort…Enjoy More Green
Our team of irrigation specialists evaluates, installs and maintains just the right system. We install only the top brands for durability and reliability. Purposefully designed and managed, it’s efficient distribution of water maintains your property while being attentive to conservation and environmental codes.

An irrigation system can bring significant benefits in light of the investment you’ve made in landscaping features and lawn care. Hoffman offers years of expertise in irrigation systems from design, planning, permitting and installation, all built on a long history of Total Convenience and Customer Care.

See How We Winterize Your System Quickly & Easily

Hoffman’s Irrigation Systems include:

    • Industry’s top brands: Hunter, Toro, Irritol, Weathermatic, Rainbird and Netafin
    • All service, repairs, additions and upgrades to your system
    • Spring start-ups and activations
    • Mid-summer check-ups to keep up performance and efficiency
    • Fall winterization

Whether it’s a new irrigation system, inspection or maintenance Hoffman Landscapes is the choice for convenience, value and peace of mind. Call us today!

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"We've been very happy working with Hoffman Landscapes. They have provided a full-service approach to taking care of our lawn, sprinkler and landscaping needs. The team is professional and does a great job addressing any needs on the property."

Barbara W, Greenwich

"I simply wanted to thank you for addressing the condition of our lawn in the manner you did. For the record, it looks great and we appreciate that you take that kind of pride in customer service. Prior to Hoffman and Ryan coming on board for our area, our lawn seemingly was not responding to the customary methods of improving its look. I addressed it with Ryan E. and his immediate attention and resolution of the issue is exactly the type of customer service I am afraid many have forgotten. This was our first season with Hoffman and Ryan ensured it will not be our last...thanks!"

David H, New Canaan

"Perfect, immaculate, quality of service is the best and nice job overall by a very professional team."

Scott C, Weston

Celebrating over 30 years of Excellence!